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Rambling thought, albeit a little rusty rambling thought.

You are alone, for the first time in what seems like so long ago, you stop. You think of exactly where you are. You grip the steering wheel of the car you can’t afford, your knuckles whiten and your breath fogs up the glass. Looking around you drink it all in; your place in relation to the space you are in. You think of the town that this space belongs to, the broken coastline that makes the country that your feet are rooted to. You look to the horizon, perfect and still and you think of looking back on yourself to see where you are, the distance from the next land. You think of how this looks on an atlas and you feel small, increasingly conscious of the presence and weight of the planet beneath your feet.

You exit and the audible thump of the door is stifled by the atmosphere and you think of the planet that you are stood upon. The solar system you are a part of and the path that you carve unwittingly alongside your planetary neighbours.

You are a part of something great.

Though you think a little more …

Of the magnificent galaxy that you are a part of, to which all of the above becomes an insignificant point of light in somebody else’s night sky. You wiggle your toes upon nought but a point of light among other points of light. To your neighbouring galaxy all of the above is gone. The specks of light that we are lost among are lost again with us. One collective point of light in the expanse, lost once again amongst even more light. You begin to feel like the smallest in a set of matryoshka dolls.

You hope that you’re not a part of something mundane but a character of a constellation. You hope that it tells the story of a legend bold and admirable who is rooted in folklore to be retold time and time again.

Facing away from the sun, you look up at a point of light in a vast sky and wish for something more. You begin to fantasise that you are staring into the face of another unbeknown who is looking into the sky, just as you are, contemplating the point of land that it is stood upon.

There is no greater romance.

Which given the fact that your date hasn’t arrived, is really quite comforting.


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