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Systems & Support Manager

Working with the Finance Manager and Group Director, creating and managing an excel document, which calulates profit, loss and sheds light on anomalies with little imput. 


Assistant Publisher

Creating an effective sales support strategy which saved on time and enhanced reporting. 


Production Manager

Developing the systems and practices in production. Building a team and helping a colleague who is now
flourishing in the company. 


Publishing Assistant

Began to work closely with a new marketing client. Later a sizeable contract was signed on the condition that I work with that client. 


Copy Writer

Sucessfully created the Cornwall
Living Shopping Guide on short
notice and within a tight deadline.


Systems & Support Manager
Leven Media Group
Jul 2016 - Present


Assistant Publisher
Engine House Media LTD
Jan 2016 - Jul 2016


Production Manager
Engine House Media LTD
Dec 2014 - Jan 2016


Publishing Assistant
Engine House Media LTD
Aug 2013 - Dec 2014


Copy Writer
Engine House Media LTD
Apr 2013 - Aug 2013


Shop Assistant
Porthleven Costcutter
2009 - 2013


St John Ambulance
2008 - Oct 2014


Advanced First Aider

Falmouth Street Safe Project

Equipment & Supplies Officer

First Aider


Bachelor of Arts Degree  2:1
English with Creative Writing


Dissertation - First grade

“A highly commendable paper,
complex and bold in its undertaking.” 


3 A Levels & 1 As Level

English Language and Literature,
Drama, Film Studies, Media Studies


10 GCSE’s
Including English, Math and Science


Andy Forster & Ben Pratchett

Leven Media Group


Hannah Tapping
Clock Tower Creative


Details are available on request.

Joanne Stinton

Current Location: Cornwall, England 

Personal Statement

It’s almost 5 years since I walked into the office at Engine House Media with no experience or any idea what I was getting myself into. So as you can imagine, for me EHM has been a place of learning, growing and making a mistake or two.


Being part of a progressive company has been an incredibly exciting
and challenging experience. This has instilled in me a passion for the workings and growth business. The various roles I have has within the company demanded adaptability and a keen mind in order to ride the constant changes and challenges to effectly develop the way we work. 


I firmly believe in the value of enabling others to work by creating processes and documents that make life easier, allowing people to do what they do best and spend energy bringing the human aspect to what they do; creativity and personality.

Skills and Traits

INTP-A. Belbin report also available on request

   • Adaptable

   • Client Management

   • Attention to detail

   • Design and direct projects

   • Gather information

   • Confident IT skills

   • Problem solving

   • Creative thinking

   • Proficient learner

   • Dedicated and trustworthy


    • Excel

    • Photoshop

    • Indesign



    • Sales admin

    • Marketing

    • Production

    • Operations

Job Roles and Responsibilities

Systems & Support Manager
Leven Media Group


Reason for Leaving

   Travel and build my career.


Key Skills

   • Quick turnaround of tasks

   • Be proactive & positive

   • Organise information

   • Effective planning

   • IT support & set-up

   • Training & development

   • System Development

   • Finding solutions

   • Client management

I love using creativity to solve
complex problems and this role gave me the opportunity to do so. During this time I successfully developed
the systems and operations for
businesses in Leven Media Group, which included the build and
implementation of ASANA, as well as making improvements to our CRM system and training other teams. 

This role came with the opportunity to help get LMG to the next level with the aid of profit and loss reports, which allowed for ease and prompt delivery of crucial information. Due to the success in supporting LMG’s development, my skills were then made available to our clients.

Assistant Publisher
Engine House Media


Key Skills

   • Monitor pagination
   • Monitor yeild  

   • Excel spreadsheet design

   • Reporting to MD

   • Distribute information  

   • Deal with issues

   • Chase resolutions
   • Support the sales team

As a direct result of my postition here and building the systems and reports around sales administration, the sales team continue to have administerative support that is both time-effective and informative, allowing the team to keep on top of, and amend, sales strategy where nessessary.

While in this role, I continued to support the the producion team, with training and tasks whilst supporting the Production Manager.

As EHM grew and we needed a different way of working, I was able to build an effective Production Team and adapt the way we worked to face new challenges, which included the implemation of a new CRM system, as well as stripping down and simplifing the server system. 

During this period I was also a line of communication for our sales team, which began working remotely. This came with its own set of challenges.

Production Manager

Engine House Media


Key Skills

   • Solving client issues

   • Training team

   •  Manage communication

   • Think ahead

   • Create back-up plans

   • Liase with printers

   • Sign off and print media
   • Reporting
   • Complete production tasks

Handling the day-to-day needs of a few
of our larger clients, I sucessfully became
a valuable link between production and the Publisher, who as a result, could focus on other aspects of growing the business. While playing a key part in the production of the magazine, I also began working closely with some clients in producing our newly formed bespoke products and marketing contracts.

Publishing Assistant

Engine House Media


Key Skills

   • Flatplanning

   • Advert placement

   • Final checks on print

   • Maintaining website 

   • Creating Newsletters

   • Manage bespoke products

   • Social media marketing


Engine House Media


Key Skills

   • Liasing with clients

   • Chasing copy

   • Developing briefs  

   • Writing content

   • Publishing web content

Working as part of a small and innovative team, I worked closely with the Editor and Designer in producing Cornwall Living magazine whilst shaping the digital aspect of the business.

I used this opportunity to learn as much as I could from the team in order to grow. 

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