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Clear, effective reporting

Spreadsheet Design:

Ask anyone and they'll tell you - I've got a spreadsheet for that.


This seemingly simple tool can be a powerhouse that can help you to manage your business, your team and can help you strategise. 

This is where things get really interesting, the world is your oyster! 


Get in touch and let me know what you need, could be simple or more complex. We can draw up a plan before I get started and build something useful.

Spreadsheet Design

“I went to Jo with a task that was, to put it simply, beyond me. Jo took it upon herself not only to help me with this task, understanding at a high level what we needed to do, but also give me the knowledge to enable me to do it going forward. Jo is a superb problem solver and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

- James Musto

Data Management:

Accurate and properly managed data is a fundamental aspect of any business that wants to prosper and not fall behind in the lightning speed of progression. 

Dirty data is a kin to a library with no shelves or references, you can dive in all you want but never find that one good read. A clean up of you data can help you to target exactly who you want and consistency will mean that nobody falls through the net. 

I can simply clean up what you have, or assess your data collection systems to make sure that any data you collect in the future doesn't fall prey to the same old shenanigans.

Data Analysis
& Reporting
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